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Trick or Treat! – Halloween 2011

Hi Cute-Stuffers! It’s been a long time since we posted, so we figured it was time for an update. We have been very busy with the shop and adding lots of new items lately, with tons of unique stuff coming throughout the next few weeks! (More on that later!) But let’s talk about what’s going on now…

 It’s time for Halloween! To celebrate, Cute-Stuffs will be having a Trick or Treat with our customers! And we don’t like playing tricks!   All orders placed from now thru Tuesday, 11/1  will get a cute Halloween-themed bag with an order-related treat inside! (see pic below) No minimum order amount is required, and all our international friends will get treats too! The special Halloween treat will be hand picked by us just for you (we like to match characters and colors you’re partial to in your order), and will not replace the usual extras we send out with our orders – you will get both. Place TRICK OR TREAT in the note area during checkout to participate!

 In other news, we are planning a new giveaway soon as many of you know, we’re sorry it’s taking so long to get ironed out. However, in the meantime, we’re focusing on a picture contest. This will require you to be one of our customers, (having made a purchase at some point) and we think it will be really fun. We are planning on having a photo contest featuring your own charms that you’ve purchased from us! If you want to prepare for the contest, practice your picture taking skills and see if you can take some unique shots of your Cute-Stuffs charms! We want to see the unique things you’ve done with them ^_^. We will post more details as soon as we have everything figured out but we hope everyone will participate! We will make the announcement soon – there will be a deadline announced, so all orders place from now until that deadline too will be available to participate.

We hope everyone here has a safe and happy Halloween, and gets lots of goodies this year! We’re looking forward to picking out treats for all of you fans, and we will have more announcements coming soon about some adorable new products and more surprises as the holiday season draws near, so stay tuned!

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