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Spring Cleanup 2011! Special Offer is having a cleaning week! Please read all info before purchasing.
All this week we are going to be doubling up on orders. Let me explain…We have lots of stuffs we haven’t even listed in the shop, lots of sample stuffs we do not have enough of to list in the shop, and lots of stuffs coming in… and we need to make some room.

All orders with a total value ( including shipping cost ) of $15.00 USD or more for the entire week, will receive the same amount they purchasedin free gifts! So if you purchase $20.00 in kawaii, you will get $40.00+ worth of kawaii, Okaii?

Don’t go crazy with details on what you “want“, as it will be random, but please do give us details on characters, or types of items you like, or colors – so we can better customize the freebees in your order for you! You can tell us in the note area @ checkout. This offer is not restricted, as always, international orders are more than welcome and the same rules apply.

Offer Expires: 6/6/2011

Please put SPRING CLEANUP in the note area during checkout so we know you want to participate in this offer for your order.

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