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Winter Kawaii Giveaway! [WINNERS!]

Hello again everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and would like to wish you a Happy 2011! Thank you so much for visiting us, entering the giveaway, and helping to spread the word about Cute-Stuffs and our new giveaway/contest blog. We have the best fans ever, and we appreciate all your support. Can’t believe how fast the website, facebook, and twitter for C.S. has taken off! As you all know, we have a big announcement today… Continue Reading

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Winter Kawaii Giveaway! $200 In Prizes [CLOSED ]

It’s up! Happy Holidays Cute-Stuffers!…The holiday season is here and we are kicking it off and celebrating with our Winter Giveaway! We’re trying to get the word out on this new site addition as much as possible still, and while we have a lot of you here participating in the drawings, we want to spread the word to everyone with a love for cuteness, which is why we are giving everyone more chances to win this time.

This is a mystery giveaway! Well, partially. Let me explain…
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Kawaii Flashing Milk Charm – [WINNERS!] updated

The Kawaii Milk Charm Giveaway from Cute-Stuffs.Com is officially over! We have all the winners randomly picked out, but first, a quick message to everyone. We would like to thank all of you for participating in the first CS Contests’ giveaway. It was lots of fun & we are so glad all of you turned out, and grateful for all the feedback, photos, and kind words to hear from our fans. So go see if you won! …
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CS REVIEW & Earbuds Giveaway Sponsored By Whimsicality [CLOSED]

A Review and giveaway! Earbuds giveaway and a wonderful review of our shop! Sponsored by Whimsicality. Please see their blog post for entry instructions.

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Kawaii Flashing Milk Charm Giveaway! [ CLOSED ]

So, the item up for grabs is… a flashing milk charm! Why? Because this is one of our most popular items. A favorite among kawaii lovers!  Being that this is our first self hosted giveaway on our own site, we are asking for a little extra… as far as getting us out there is concerned, details on entry counts will be below.  This will have 3 winners! For now, please read on… Continue Reading

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Winter Giveaway Update

Hi cute-stuffers! We have big news today… Some information on our upcoming Winter Giveaway. But first, check back tomorrow, as we will be launching our first introductory giveaway! So back to the winter one..There are only a few steps needed to enter, and this time around, we will have 3 WINNERS!… Continue Reading

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So, we made a contests area for our shop. Our giveaways have been very popular lately, so we decided to launch this site to organize information and announcements for all you cute-stuffers (haha). We will be putting information on past contests here, as well as announcements and updates on all the new ones we will be doing in the future. Continue Reading

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Latest Giveaway Winners

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Hosted By: Jaebumfangirl


Hosted By: Jaebumfangirl

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