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We’re Back! New features, new forum, new cuteness!

Hi Cute-Stuffers! We apologize for not getting back to you sooner but we have been very busy here at the shop. All the housekeeping  has been completed for now, so we thought we would post an update to the blog to let you know about some of the new features and a few of the new products we have added…

First of all, we would like everyone to know we have added a Forum to the shop! We would love it if all our fans would come join the Cute-Stuffs team and other fans of cuteness in discussing cute things from all over, and meeting and sharing with new people. The forum is not limited to It is intended to be a gathering place for all fans of cuteness, and therefore we would love it if everyone shared whatever they find. There is a section for networking where you can plug your shops and your creations, and also a section of the forum for kawaii sales and trades between forum members! If you prefer to just relax, we have several off-topic forums where people can share their hobbies and interests, or just chat about random things with other members. The forum is still growing, but please stop by and say hello. We look forward to meeting you! People who have registered for the shop within the past few weeks have already provided a user name for the forum, older customers will have to go and sign up on the forum home page. We are excited to try this out – we will see in a month if we have a few more active members and then ask everyone if they enjoy the forums enough to keep them up. Sign up today – we will be posting special offers and things occasionally for our forum users!

The first thing you might notice when you browse the shop is the new Wish List feature we have added to all the listings. If you have an account with us, you can add all your favorite things to your wish list! You can even search by name or email to view your friends’ wish lists, and you can also email a link to friends and family to share your favorite products with others! When you are ready to purchase, you can view your wish list to add your wishes directly to your cart.

When you check out, you may notice a section for “points.” This is a new feature we are still working on that will be up shortly. Soon, we will have a points program for frequent shoppers to earn credit toward some rewards! We will let you know when it is launched, but until then if you make purchases from today until we launch it you can let us know and we will add your points or find a way to say thank you and credit you for your purchase.

And last but not least – the item updates. We have added several items to the shop lately, and Domo Kun and Rilakkuma lovers are especially in for a treat. We added a few rubber phone charm pairs including some adorable elephants, Baby MocMoc, Domo Kun, and beautiful Panchuki Pandas. These pairs are perfect to share with your loved ones! Also for the Domo fans, we added a very fuzzy plushie, and some smaller plastic charms with a very unique spongy look to them. Rilakkuma fans – for you we have several new unique Rilakkuma items. There are 3 new styles of cord winder including 2 “Rilakkuma Cafe” themed ones with Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori, and a car-themed one with Rilakkuma. We also have a cute and squishy Korilakkuma phone charm. Lastly, we have some very unique Rilakkuma-themed foods including two flavors of a beautiful Rilakkuma styled sprinkled donut – chocolate and strawberry. We also have the same flavor of dipped Rilakkuma strawberries! And the best part is they are scented! You can find all these new products and a few other new ones here.

Sorry for the long post but we were so excited to share all these new things with you! Come take a look at everything new at Cute-Stuffs and we hope you enjoy!

P.S. – Since our forum is brand new – we’re going to be rewarding our top posters and those who participate and help us get the ball rolling! We will be in contact with you individually who do so!

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