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PLUG: Adorable Rare Baby Moc Moc Flashing Charms!

Soo… BABY MOCMOC CHARMS! – Yep… and… that’s pretty much the extent of the description we have for these lil girls. Really unsure where they originated or what their purpose in life is, but they sure are adorable. They’re precious… squeeze em and love em! The few details we know are…

They come in 4 different colors, green, pink, orange, and blue; and 2 different outfits per color. tehe. They are larger than average charms. They have built in flashers, not external ones, which flash different colors when you send or receive a call, but as always, please check compatibility with your mobile phone to make sure they work for you if that is the purpose for which you want them for. Your phone needs to run off a 900-1800 Mhz frequency for that to work, most do, but not all.  We just listed them, so you can find them Here, or you can find them in their permanent home, here!

P.S. We will be launching our Easter contest and giveaway this week!

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