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Kawaii Flashing Milk Charm – [WINNERS!] updated

The Kawaii Milk Charm Giveaway from Cute-Stuffs.Com is officially over! We have all the winners randomly picked out, but first, a quick message to everyone. We would like to thank all of you for participating in the first CS Contests’ giveaway. It was lots of fun & we are so glad all of you turned out, and grateful for all the feedback, photos, and kind words to hear from our fans. So go see if you won! …

And now, announcing the winners of the first CS Contests giveaway. Winners, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

  • 12-05-2010 – KAWAII Milk Charm Giveaway Winners are as follows:
  • Re-drawn Winner: RUTH HALL
  • Claimed? YES
  • Package Status: SHIPPED – DEC.15-2010

Winner 1. CARRIE

Claimed? YES!

Package Status: SHIPPEDDEC.7.2010

Winner 2. BREANNE

Claimed? Noredrawn

Package Status: Not Shipped


Claimed? YES!

Package Status: SHIPPED – DEC.7.2010

  • Winners: Please follow email instructions.
  • If  prize is still unclaimed by one week to date of this announcement, a second chance drawing will take place. So please check back until all prizes have been claimed to make sure you don’t miss out on winning still.
For those of you who did not win this time, go enter the new earbuds giveaway at Whimsicality, and stay tuned here for our upcoming Winter Giveaway! Launching this week! Subscribe to the blog here as we will be hosting many more giveaways in the future : )

Thanks again to everyone who participated and good luck in our future contests!


  1. Custom avatar Bebe on June 3rd, 2011

    yea plz a second chance 🙂 plz for bebe

  2. Custom avatar Bebe on June 3rd, 2011

    Can u do the milk thing agian i live those little tings i wanna buy one but i and waitting a little wile untill i get one. I’m beatraice but every one call bebe thats y i have a bumble bee by

  3. Ashley Moran on December 14th, 2010

    second chance? (:

  4. Custom avatar Kelsey on December 7th, 2010

    Unfortunately I missed this one, congratulations ladies! Looking forward to the winter one!

  5. Custom avatar Crystalline on December 6th, 2010

    Thank you very much! \(>.<)/

  6. Custom avatar Gaby Freeman on December 6th, 2010

    congrats! 🙂

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