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Incomplete Entries – Giveaway Extended 48 hrs – Last Chance

Hello Everyone! We have had a good turnout for the contest so far. Unfortunately, today’s announcement is not the winners of the contest. It seems a lot of people are having difficulty entering… We have gotten several page likes, newsletter registration, reviews, and other things for entries, however, we cannot track your entries unless you tell us to. We get so many people following us etc. that we can’t tell who came here for the contest and who just stumbled upon our site and is not entering. So please make sure you read the entry instructions carefully, and make sure you post to let us know to count what you did. If you don’t post on the actual Official Contest post on the contests blog, your entry to the contest will not be counted.

In light of all this, we are extending the contest 48 hrs from today, May 2, 2011. Please, if you have not done so already, take this time to go and comment on the Easter Giveaway blog post, following the rules for entry so we can count you in the giveaway. We will be announcing the winners of the contest on May 5. Thanks again to everyone who is participating and good luck!


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We will not use or share your email or other information in any way shape or form other than contacting you to claim the prize, or for newsletter purposes if you are signed up.

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