General Contest Rules

No purchase necessary. Contests are subject to their own rules, and each entry posted on this website will have its own set of rules & requirements pertaining to that listing.

  • All winners receive a bonus gift with their winning packages ( only from contests & giveaways)
  • All domestic ( US) winners receive a tracking number with their package.
  • International winners receive a customs form number to track when their package enters their country.
  • Winners might be announced publicly. is not responsible for shipment of goods of any contests/prizes featured here by other companies/affiliates. If you do not receive your winnings, please contact us, in addition to the company hosting the contest/giveaway to resolve issues. If there is no resolution, we will blacklist that merchant from future posts on this website.

  • Winners are chosen randomly.

Entry information, requirements, prizes, eligibility and other information will be posted on individual entries, and will have unique sets of rules. Please do not rely on all of the information here for eligibility.

To contest hosts– by submitting an entry with, you agree to abide by your own list of rules created for your own listings. If for some reason your listing must change, you agree to notify us before contest/giveaway ending so that we may notify our users. You agree not to change your contest/giveaway in any way after it is posted on our website without properly notifying us via the contact form. You agree to take full responsibility for shipment/delivery of your goods to prize winner.

  • Spam posts and unwillingness to follow the specified instructions/rules/ per post will not be eligible for prizes.

For official contests & giveaways: Instructions on how to claim your prize will be sent via email, as well as information on deadlines for claiming prizes.

  • If you do not claim your prize in allotted deadline, the “runner up” will have an opportunity to claim the prize.

There is no tampering, all winners will be chosen randomly, and are final. There are 2 (more if specified in individual listings) names drawn per contest. A winner, and a runner up. Runner up may only claim the prize if the winner has not done so in the given time frame after contest end.

Your odds of winning are based on your own participation with individual rules per contest or giveaway entry.

  • Spam entries will not be tolerated. Spam entries are those who follow and unfollow twitter accounts, like and unlike facebook pages, tweet and delete tweets, post feedback/reviews/etc. and delete after a short period of time, etc.

These actions will not be tolerated, and you will be blacklisted from entering any of our giveaways, contests, raffles, etc in the future.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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