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Cute-Stuffs is Moving! & Deadline for guaranteed Christmas shipping ends Today!

Seasons Greetings Cute-Stuffers! We hope everyone is having a wonderful December! We’re writing today to announce some big news and keep everyone informed about what’s going on with the shop…First, I want to remind everyone that the deadline for orders to be guaranteed by Christmas is December 18th (today!). Your orders must be completed and have cleared payment by the end of the day for us to ship them in time. I’d also like to remind everyone that if you have a list of things you like in the shop, sign in and make a wishlist! It’s printable and shareable, so you can email it to friends and family to share your favorite items!

Now for the main announcement – I (Josey) will be moving at the end of this month, so Cute-Stuffs is coming with me! Things will probably get a bit chaotic, but we will treat your orders as carefully as we always do here. As much as we will try to ship orders as fast as possible, shipping times might be a little erratic during moving (and the winter in general because of the beautiful Colorado winter weather). Your orders will usually ship out within 2-4 days of completing your order at the latest. There is some good news, though. Packing everything up is sure to turn up some interesting cute-stuffs that might be hiding in our stock – this means we will be giving out some extra neat surprises soon! We might even feature some of the cuter ones on Facebook to give you previews of our surprises!

One last thing. I know we have been promising a giveaway since well, forever. And I’m sorry we haven’t put one up since then, but we have found ourselves incredibly swamped with our specials and shipping for all the holidays. But… to make it up to you we will start work on a new one very soon. Look for this giveaway near the end of the month! 🙂

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