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Cute-Stuffs is at the doctor! [DOWNTIME]

Hi Cute-Stuffers! is currently at the doctor! No, it’s not sick, so don’t worry, but we are doing some check-ups and giving it a little workout. We are trying to redo a lot of things and prepare for upgrades…… so we will be able to dedicate a lot less time to working out problems, and dedicate a lot more time to spreading cuteness to your homes. We also are working on a few new features to make your cute-addicted lives a little easier when shopping with us!

We are working hard to keep this as neat and non-intrusive as possible, but we/you will experience a little bit of inevitable downtime on and off, so you may want to place orders soon if you have your eye on something and you have to have it soon!

Unsure how long this process will take in its entirety, so we will keep you updated as things progress. If you need to contact us you may do so here, or on our facebook for the time being!

ALL orders placed will be processed as normal, please do not be alarmed if you are unable to access your account, or place orders, as it is temporary, and you may always contact us for your order status if you’re really curious, or to place an order by speaking with one of us directly.

UPDATE – 6/16/2011 – Shop will still be down on and off – may experience some bugs or issues, please report them to us!

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  1. Custom avatar Cassy on June 16th, 2011

    cant wait!

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